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. >> a lot of times in weather like this you don't see that ice on the road? >> no, they won't know until they're hydroplaning. >> reporter: to keep safe on the roads, a great tip from aaa they tell us -- don't use cruise control. in slippery conditions, you need to be able to ease off the gas quickly, and you can't when your cruise control is on. so that's the mess on the ground but if you are flying up, the air is messy, too. for that part of the story we turn to abc's david kerley at o'hare international airport in chicago. david, good evening. >> reporter: good evening. this is united's o'hare airport command center, the busiest time of the year. over all tonight there are 7200 flights in the air. in atlanta one in three flights was delayed today. there is another map they're interested in in chicago. it's that map sam showed you, the weather map and the storm which could cause huge airline delays. worried about the weather passengers are hitting airports early, but in some cases even that is not enough. >> i actually had a job interview in little rock and i got stuck in houston last
and i told them nah ♪ you don't know me lightning above and a fire below me you cannot catch me cannot hold me you ♪ ♪ cannot stop much less control me when it rains it pours when the floodgates open ♪ ♪ brace your shores that pressure don't care it breaks your doors say it's all you can take better ♪ ♪ take some more ♪ i want to see some hands right now ♪ ohh oh ohh ohh oh ohh oh ohh oh ohh ♪ ♪ ohh oh ohh oh waiting for a light that never comes the nights go on waiting ♪ ♪ for a light that never comes i chase the sun waiting for a light that never comes ohh oh ohh ohh oh ohh oh waiting for a light ♪ that never comes jump jump jump jump ♪ # >>> tonight on "nightline" -- strippers for jesus. they're on a mission. an unlikely group of suburban women hitting the clubs. >> nail polish or lipstick makes you fear good. >> their leader, a fearless former stripper who said she found jesus and was saved. she said nothing can stop her from saving others. >> we pray for courage tonight, the bouncers, the management, anybody that is going to get in our way to reach the
through beijing. they don't know if he got them. hopefully, they'll find out later today. >> always great to see you, bob. thanks. >>> now to the hered hot night music. big names. performances that brought down the house. cecilia vega was there. ♪ ♪ carry me >> reporter: it was ladies night at the amas. from katy perry's over the top show opener. to miley's closing number, complete with a lip-synching cat. ♪ i came in like a wrecking ball ♪ >> reporter: lady gaga came in on a human-powered horse. and then performs a presidential duet with r. kelly. the big winners, taylor swift, taking home four trophies, including artist of the year. you got the big one. >> i dent think about this yet. >> reporter: justin timberlake celebrated a big fight with three amas, including best pop rock male artist. >> this means so much to me. >> reporter: on the red carpet, katy showed off the bling. i have to see this ring here. lets show some bling. ♪ every rose has its thorn >> reporter: this year, they celebrated latino artists. with pit bull as host. and j. lo's tribute to celia cruz. >> there w
chances are, they want to help but they don't really know how. teach them that the bt thing to do is calmly walk away, find a teaeacher or oter adult, and spspeak up. and your part--be that alt they can talk to and trust will listen. join me to help stop bullyining. go to to find out more. >>> making news in america this morning -- severe weather. rains, flooding, snow, and sleet. a killer winter storm sweeps the east as arctic cold grips much of the country. >>> and travel concerns. that storm could affect holiday plans for million of people. >>> outside and outmatched. two would-be robbers didn't match up. it would be them running for cover. >>> memorable moments at the music awards. we'll show you the good, the bad, and the miley. and why everyone's talking about her again. >>> good mornd mornings. i'm tai hernandez in for diana. >> and i'm john muller. >>> that storm system is now blamed for at least eight traffic-related deaths. >> much of that country plunged into a pre-winter deep freeze. some areas seeing highs today 30 degrees below normal. the storm sys
on camera. >> i like the sprinkler. when i do the wave, i don't want to brag but i'm good. >> we bring them together for an exclusive head-to-head boogie battle. >>> i loved that line, i don't want to brag but i'm good. >> but i'm good. >> anyway, we love this story so much, in fact, we have brought together that little boy and the famous dancing usher, famous all over detroit, for some good-natured trash-talking this morning and a fresh round of dance, this is great story and we'll have it for coming up. >> it's incredible video to watch. >>> also ahead -- it's raining rocks, literally, the beautiful little town where life looks surprisingly normal in the aftermath of a volcanic eruption, except for the pebbles falling from the sky. >>> also this morning, we have an abc news exclusive. we're behind the scenes with one direction as they put on a marathon, seven-hour live stream for their fans, this is all in advance of "good morning america's" massive one direction concert coming up tuesday morning. >>> but we're going to start here this morning with that historic deal with iran reached in
congressional hawks was basically what you would expect. they don't like the deal. they don't even like the idea of a deal never mind the specifics. a lot of them were really upset that it doesn't require iran to comply with existing u.s. sanctions. i think it was just about a couple weeks ago when secretary kerry was on the hill. there were many who were trying to push for additional sanctions. terry pointed out this morning that even when we increased sanctions, iran has continued with its program. will or be a continued push for more sanctions? >> yes. all the hawkish senators, the pro-you would expect to be israel, strong allies of israel, are going to be out there pushing for more sanctions. ,hether or not they will get it there will be some democratic desire to back the deal even though some democrats are criticizing it -- i don't think necessarily you are going to see more sanctions right away. >> you mentioned chuck schumer. a strong ally of the white house but a strong supporter of the state of israel. the reaction came as we expected with prime minister netanyahu saying this is a histo
squeeze her, don't tease her, ♪ ♪ never leave her ♪ get to her ♪ try, just try a little ♪ tenderness, ooh, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ hi, livvie. ♪ you've gotta love her ♪ ♪ you've got to squeeze her ♪ don't tease her ♪ never leave, you've got to ♪ ♪ nah, nah, nah, try, try a little tenderness ♪ >> this is judi met, and you saw an amazing episode of scandal. stay tuned. abc seven news at 11:00 starting now. captioned by the national captioning institute >> a manhunt for the shooter who killed a man in broad daylight. happened near high schools, some minutes from dismissal. >> we talk to someone who said he is too young to see a man die in front of him. tom has got the story. >> police have wrapped up their investigation. searching elsewhere for two suspects they believe were involved in this murder. i spoke to two people who were involved. they could not tell me if the victim was coming into or going he of the building, but when got to the sidewalk, he was shocked dead. it is normally a quiet place at 2:30 in the afternoon. not so today. >> i heard two gunshot
not to broadcast his name. today neither the cia nor the state department would comment. >> as you know we don't speak to them. >> reporter: if the name is confirmed it wouldn't be the first time. it also happened in 2010, the incident recreated in the movie zero dark thirty when pakistanis blew the cover of another station chief forcing him to be evacuated. this is the man behind today's public outing. imran khan with millions of supporters. earlier this year he threatened to do whatever he could to bring drone strikes to an end. >> it causes collateral damage and anti-u.s. >> reporter: tonight by revealing a name that's supposed to be top secret, it just got harder to tell america's friends from its enemies. muhammad lila, abc news. >>> in russia tonight new concerns about the safety of the upcoming winter olympics after its terror raid by moscow police. you see them storming into an apartment to arrest 15 members of an islamic militant group. police say they were fully armed with explosives and bombing belts. they were banned from russia in 2010. >>> 33 million people will begin their holid
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in don't see any problems up and down the east coast from d.c. to philadelphia. flights that way or driving that way, it will not be any problems like on wednesday. skies turn partly cloudy. then upper 30s to lower 40's. i promise warmer weather or milder temperatures. mid-50's by friday of next week. >> can't wait for that to get here. temperatures like that for the game coming up this weekend. >> the redskins need to have better play ahead and they face the giants this weekend. what implications that game will have. and we will look to break a four-game slide coming up and sports. >> the unspoken mantra of the capital this year is to start off slow in the first and finished strong with many of the 26 games going to shoot outs. why rewrite history today. setting up the former canadian this ties the game at two. he plays the hero again. same spot once again. it washington wins, 3-2. wizards on the road in indiana, pacers looking and spied -- and sign. a goes to paul george, unstoppable. this sunday night could be the official elimination sunday for washington's playoff hopes. thi
a taser to the mall? >>> and they don't call him russ-diculous for nothing. russell westbrook with an amazing come-from-behind, overtime, buzzer-beater. wait until you see this play. >>> good morning, everybody. also coming up on "gma" on this saturday morning, a mystery illness in las vegas. dozens of young football players becoming violently ill right in the mildle of their championships. many of them rushed to the hospital. our dr. rich besser is here with more on this. >> some of the kids as young as 7 years old. >>> also ahead, miracle rescue. a teenager plunges 80 feet off a cliff. how the young girl survived that fall and the freezing temperatures would help to save her life. >>> there's a lot of other developing news this morning. for that, as always, we turn to mr. ron claiborne. >> good morning, everyone. we have breaking news overnight. the north korean government has reseriesed this video of a captured american, merrill newman. the 85-year-old korean war veteran was arrested during a visit to north korea. that was last month in october. in the video, newman apologi
have some fun. not that football isn't fun. >> i don't think he had much fun watching that game. >> no. hard to be a jets fan. >> yeah, it is. the strategy behind the huge discounts before friday. we will be in the buying mood. >>> ahead, making a visual statement to protect a 6-year-old from bullies. this is kind of school camaraderie you have to see. >>> speaking of individual statements, what was miley cyrus thinking last night when she took the stage and performed in front of the image of the giant cat on and on and on. you are watching "world news now." we'll tell you. ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by comfort medical. ♪ piem going to pop some tags only got $20 in my pocket ♪ >> getting ready to pop some tags, looking for more than grandpa style. there are good deals to be had. >> the holiday shopping season kicks in to high gear today but this year could be different than in years past. why shoppers may not storm the doors on black friday. >> this year, the competition is cut throat. facing fewer days for holiday buying and lower consumer confidence
. we hop on the local jeep, head down to a run down part of the town to benjamin's bar. we don't know what to expect. around a dozen young women are milling around including this one. >> what is your name? princess. popular in the bar. just 16 years old. it's not long before princess and another girl are offered to us. 1,500, pesos, under $40. mama lucy is what is called a mamasan. she manages the girls. we decline her offer. but she calls benjamin to come meet us. >> hi. good to meet you. >> sitting at the bar -- >> reporter: within minutes the 6'6" texan tells us about his sex life and his business. a former waitress had written to his wife in california on facebook. which lead to this shocking and frank statement. >> she is saying i have underaged girls, [ bleep ], [ bleep ]. oblivious to our hidden cameras, benjamin tells hus he has a 16-year-old girlfriend who lives out back. >> tiny, dark skinned girl. needed a police to stay. place to stay. i bought a bar to do it. >> reporter: after texting her to come over, she walks in. she is so young. that we are blurring her face to prote
of the wrong hands. a $29 value free. don't wait until you become the next victim. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ there were 57 channels and nothing on ♪ 57 channels that has to be an old song. >> yeah, right. a ga zilen channels and nothing on. >> john, we are going to get you know you better. how many televisions do you have in your home? >> four but i only use three. one is in the attic sgluf a giant house. >> it is an old tv. i put one on my screened in porch for the summertime. it is covered up for the winter. i sit there and watch the baseball games at night time. the crickets are chirping. >> two. but we have a teeny house. so that's all we can fit. the average american family has three television. >> i'm perfectly average. rats. that makes tvs a big holiday pipe how can you get the best deal? paula faris shows us. >> reporter: it's the most wonderful time of the year but this holiday season it is an all-out war for your business. as retailers offer their most competitive prices on electronics in years. >> it's like a civil war for electronics. it is bloody, brutal and there are going to be a lot of c
, this week, every day is like black friday. so, you don't have to camp out overnight in front of a store to get the best deals. bianna? dan? >> i'd like to camp out anyway. >> you were going to -- you love doing that every year. >> i like to put my sleeping bag to good use. >> people go shopping on thanksgiving, to get people in the store. there's great bargains out there. >> there are. >>> better late than never. after a two-day delay due to bad weather, prince harry made it to antarctica where he is getting ready for a rice across the south pole. and we have more from london. hey, monica. >> reporter: hi, bianna. as you said, prince harry is raising money for wounded veterans for this very high-profile charity event. the team was ready to go in south africa. but they were stuck there because of bad weather conditions. as many feared, the weather is already causing problems for this expedition before it starts. touchdown at the bottom of the earth. stepping out in weather near zero degrees, prince harry and fellow soldiers landed in antarctica. they're here for a rice to the south pole.
're having fun. >> i don't know if anybody walking in that parade was happy about it being longer. >> in new york, down to the wire. gusting winds forcing a last-minute decision whether the big cartoon balloons would fly and they did. the winds were just enough. the handlers had to keep them very close to the ground. >>> and frigid conditions and snowshowers will be back again today, from the great lakes into parts of the northwest. by the south, it will warm up. sunny and dry from coast-to-coast. >> and chilly temperatures in the upper midwest to the eastern seaboard. with highs in the low 30s and 40s. check out l.a., phoenix and miami. spring-like readings. highs in the 60s and 70s. we are always so jealous of them. >>> and thanksgiving ending with a bang in missouri. a natural gas pipeline ruptured just after midnight. the flames could be seen miles away. and the blast was felt 20 miles away. there were no injuries. the fire has the burned itself out. >>> the anti-government protests in thailand have spread into army headquarters. others gathered at the democracy monument and wore pink sh
. satellite and radar, a few snow showers across western pennsylvania. don't be surprised if you see a few flakes falling around the hagerstown area. is our holiday travel weekend lines, quiet and drive for the day tomorrow. look for heavy rain until late in the day on tuesday. we could be looking at significant snow in the mountains. what to expect coming up in a few minutes. >> the winter weather is being blamed for at least eight deaths in the west. several states received several inches of snow, including texas. plansorm could affect fort eustis and wednesday, as people hit the roads for or tuesday and- f wednesday, as people hit the roads for thanksgiving. steve will have another check on the forecast in a few moments. a u.s. postal service worker was murdered while delivering mail last night. the 26-year-old was shot and killed along his route on read road in landover. street in landover. whitney? the issue is postal workers going out later and later on their route. thes in near darkness that postal worker was murdered. in the daylight, no obvious evidence remains of the tragedy. >>
don't think it coming at all. >> how is he doing? he also looks shocked. he has so many fans. >> he is the most beautiful person inside and out. he is so happy. i really wanted him to win. >> it was fun to watch. understand this style of dancing has a different technique. >> it doesn't help when he takes off.hirt it has been great to watch. congratulations for your success. good to have you on. probably heard a little party over here. there is a winner amber getting hugs from friends and family members. lots of people hugging and kissing over there. are trying to find somebody else. it's so busy. i think this party will be going for a little longer. here we go. snooki is here. how are you? >> i am good. inc. you. -- thank you. >> how do you feel about amber winning? >> i am so happy. i feel like she went through a lot and is really trying hard. i am so proud of her. i love amber. must the that, it emotional because you have been there and done that. saying thank you. it's emotional. lipstick.this is your whose lipstick is this? >> his girlfriend emma. >> it matches yours. >> we are
that have lost ahead of them. what could this do for them. i don't think a lot of people realize it's a big night for oklahoma state. there was talk about baylor, baylor, baylor, oklahoma state, this is a huge win. if they beat oklahoma they're going to the fiesta bowl. that would be two times in the last few years they have accomplished that. that's what mike gundy got the team to buy into. you wonder how far they can climb. >> brent: they're going to move to the top five with the impressive performance here tonight. now, missouri, that's a team you can't overlook. they're playing for the s.e.c. east next week against texas a&m. win that, and they're going to atlanta. >> kirk: win on the road, knocked off ole miss. you're right. crazy to think about. yu johnny manziel going to missouri. both went into the s.e.c. last year. and now one, in this case, it's missouri trying to get to atlanta to the s.e.c. championship game. >> brent: smith replasces child. and this is jeremy. breaks free with a nice gain down the near side. he's to the 29 yard line. >> kirk: at the beginning of the year, they
you're under construction. police say it appears to be a freak accident. they don't suspect foul play but detectives and an investigator for the medical examiner's and weare out here now expect osha to come out and look at this as well. by all accounts, it is just a tragic freak accident at this construction site. >> thank you. turning to the weather now. you will want to bundle up if you are headed to the relatives for thanks giving dinner. a live look outside at the nation's capital where we are experiencing one of the coldest thanksgivings in year. now at your first forecast. 34 degrees? >> that is the temperature in arlington. if we only go up one more degree to 38, that will be the coldest angst giving in more than a decade. we haven't been this cold since the year 2000. the windchill factor is lower than that. it only feels like wendy nine. it is going to be a breezy day. in takers pirg. wind chill is 28 degrees. if you are going to be traveling, things will be relatively quiet across the country. clear conditions across the country. lake effect snow showers and it's relatively
like it. if you don't, you don't have to. >> stores opened until 8:00. that is 25 and a half hour hour so customers have plenty of time to work off the turkey with a little retail therapy. abc 7 news. >> your time now 4:47. police in montgomery counties are investigating a krach with one of their own at colesville road and university boulevard in silver spring. we're told the officer was not hurt. no word on the condition of the other driver. >> 4:47 now. d.c. police are investigating a violent sexual assault. it happened in the friendship heights neighborhood. police hope the surveillance video captured by wttv's surveillance video will lead to an arrest. the suspect kidnaps and woman and then forced her into an alley and raped her. if you have any information, call police. >> and a construction accident on thanksgiving. he slipped on ice and hit his head. he was working on a row of townhouses in silver spring. police call it a freak accident. >> i work in construction more than 15 years. some guys fall from the roof and nothing happen. this by a walking and fall and he's dead. >> pol
and brothers who he's not seen in 19 years. >> this is another family i don't know. >> reporter: a family who says they have been looking for the 36-year-old homeless man for ten years, but were not able to find him until recent news coverage was posted to a facebook page. hartman made national news after he returned a stolen wallet to the omni hotel and was rewarded. >> >> reporter: we talked about pictures from his childhood and the family he barely knows. >> >> you are a human being. you are family. >> that was apparent as the three arrived from indiana. hugs exchanged. >> awesome. really awesome. >> deanna told us t father clark hartman passed away 19 years to the day when she saw news coverage of joel and contacted the omni. >> here i am in atlanta for thanksgiving two days later. >> reporter: joel and his brothers hope to spend time together in indiana catching up. >> i'd really like to invite joel back home. we have a spare room. >> any way it goes i know we will be in contact now. >> i have a lot of people pulling for me. i don't want to let anyone down. really don't. >> so that is on
finding some warm scarfs and mittens, i don't know, but quiet through the day so that is good news for anyone doing additional traveling. let's get to rob woodfork from wtop with the roadways. >> we have some problems in silver spring 24 this morning. we will get a live look at georgia avenue and university. reports of icy conditions so they are out treating the roadways. serves as good reminder to take it easy onramps and back roads as you head out this morning. that said, let's go to the maps. looking good as you head to the silver spring area, the beltway looking good on the outer loop. routes funneling into the beltway should be good to go as well. looking good on i-95, the bw parkway, no major tie-ups or trouble spots. dale city and points north should be a good go this morning. back to jummy and autria. >> thank you very much, rob. at 5:32, new this morning, an illinois police officer is in the hospital after being dragged fa a car while trying to stop a shoplifter. this happened in a kohl's in romeoville, outside of chicago, illinois. the driver and two other suspects are no
not that cold unless wind is whipping, to me at least. >> if you are from outside anaheim, california, you don't see it that way. >> it is like it is cold there, right? >> not at all. we have layers so we are warm. as long as we keep moving, we are fine. >> the soccer players took it to heart, not letting the cold keep them playing even though that ball had to sting. awaye cold keeping people from places like the lincoln memorial tonight were normally even at night you see folks hanging out. i just met some tourists from florida. man, were they ready to get back inside. it is not likely to see cold like this in d.c.. what is totally abnormal is to have it before thanksgiving. live in southwest, tom roussey, abc 7 news. >> we are not alone in experiencing these conditions. several states are dealing with snow and ice, making for a big mess on the road. take a look at this. storm chaser captured some dramatic video in oklahoma city. you can see an suv sliding on ice, then rolling over. several cities have sand trucks out to sleep -- treat the slippery roads. in dallas, crews spent a day spraying
gonna quit it ♪ ♪ if you don't start smoking it that's what she said6♪ ♪ she said we're dressed in black head to toe ♪ ♪ with guns hidden under our petticoats ♪ ♪ and we're never gonna quit it ♪ ♪ no we're never gonna quit it no ♪ ♪ hey now we're building up speed as we're approaching the hill ♪ ♪ oh my hair smells like chocolate ♪ ♪ hey now you say you're gonna quit it ♪ ♪ but you're never gonna quit it ♪ ♪ go get it go get it ♪ >>> tonight on "nightline," they are so close. in just hours the troops will lead the front lines in afghanistan to head home for the holidays. we are with them every step of the way for emotional reunions. some of them meeting their children for the first time. >> it's the nelson mandela you have never seen before. >> you are not a stranger. you are nelson mandela. >> a new movie with big time oscar buzz exploring the man behind the myth. so what does the nobel peace prize winner himself think of it? ♪ you've got to hold on to what we've got ♪ >> the prince and the pop star, why prince william probably shouldn't quit his da
. >> deborah and her relatives made the trip a holiday tradition. >> we come here every thanksgiving and we don't even shop. we just come for the experience. >> nuts. >> he admits if not for his girlfriend he would not be out in this. >> she's the reason you are out in this? ? yes. if not, i'd be watching football. >> that's a big sacrifice sflfment they are among a number of folks who like the earlier opening time and wouldn't have come if it was still midnight. >> no, that's a little too late. >> the mall they made the change in response to customers about more choices about when to do their black friday or in this case thursday shopping. >> we wanted to have more opportunities for customers to come shopping. >> and back out here live there are a lot of people here right now. one thing i notice there are a lot of people sitting around waiting. you saw some folks were dragged here by their significant others. mostly men but not entirely men who were dragged here by their significant others. i talked to some customers saying they are getting good deals but some are more here for the crowds and
into people's homes. one woman found an intruder in her home. >> you hear about it but don't expect it to happen especially when you're home. >> this 31-year-old lawyer with and her roommate were home when they heard footsteps. >> the footsteps sounded too close. why stay instantly realize they were not alone. >> you hear it and get up. you don't expect it to be true. >> it was an intruder. >> he ran out the editor window. bedroom window. creditscaped with the cards and cash. forhe fire escape is there emergencies. it is scary that people are using it to get in. the nearighbors saw acrobatics it takes to get to the fire exchange -- fire escape. >> you would have to climb the wall, jump up, and jump the fence to get behind. >> three blocks over, police say a 23-year-old woman was burglarized as well. the entry point was a window that opened up onto the fire escape. >> we used to live on that third score. -- third floor. i still live my window on lot. >> police advise people to lock all their windows. >> it makes you second guess your safety. i've taken precautions to make our apartme
to pay my bill. i just don't want to overpay. >> reporter: in this month's edition of the journal of american medical association, a panel of experts takes a critical look at this. we asked the doctor why hospital prices are so secretive. >> why don't we know this information? >> there has been no incentive to make that information clear and every incentive to make it mysterio mysterious. >> who is looking out for the american people? >> it depends on the patients themselves. >> reporter: tracy offered to settle for $10,000. close to what medicare would have paid for the whole thing. >> give me a fair price and you'll get your money. >> reporter: north side refused our repeated requests for an interview. they wouldn't explain pricing. >> you don't think it's your job to clarify for people? >> everyone is confused and we deserve an answer. >> reporter: the american hospital association told us hospitals like north side lose millions of dollars a year from patients who don't pay their bills and on medicare and medicaid short falls so people like tracy end up having to make up the di
they tell you? no..... try it, and see what your good driving can save you. you don't even have to switch. unless you're scared. i'm not scared, it's... you know we can still see you. no, you can't. pretty sure we can... try snapshot today -- no pressure. ♪ >> a ritual of remembrance at the internal flame. a few years now since the assassination of president john f. kennedy. since thes now assassination of president john f. kennedy. a look back at an event that changed the nation. >> and so, my fellow americans, ask not what your country can do for you. ask what you can do for your country. [applause] much of the nation, 50 years ago seems like yesterday. people alive that day will never forget where a work when president kennedy was shot. we begin with john gonzalez and the ceremonies happening in our area. >> i'm remembering this with a kind of heavy heart today. >> 1400 miles from downtown here at arlington national cemetery, a solemn wreathlaying was held this morning at the gravesite of president john f. kennedy. a second ceremony will be held this afternoon at the tomb of the unkn
to an airline mileage program i you don't have status with an airline you pay $20, $50 a flight to get the seat you want. once you have a late status you don't have to pay to check your bag, you get all these services most travelers have to pay for. >> reporter: status doesn't eliminate the wi-fi fees. >> you will pay. how much is that normally? >> in flight, one flight, usually $10. >> reporter: do you ever pave any additional fees? >> i do. i pay for wi-fi. >> reporter: how much? >> typically $14 a flight. for a short flight like this. >> reporter: if you are tall prepare to pay up just to stretch out your legs. >> nobody likes being nickel and dimed. we all have to travel. we travel. we deal with it. >> reporter: what kinds of things might you end up paying for? >> things i would have thought i never paid for like extra leg room. i am actually paying for. >> reporter: airlines are relying more on these fees. as witnessed by fact that they keep taking these on. >> once weep were on the plane, we noticed overhead compartments were to capacity. if you dedidn't pay the extra f board first you mi
a few other kids had been picking on him about that. his team dressed up to show they don't approve. >> we heard he was getting picked on. we decided to have a day to dress up like danny and come to school like danny and sponsor danny to -- um -- show danny that we love him. and -- that we of him very much. >> reporter: did you think this has made him very happy? >> yes. >> reporter: why? >> because everybody's cheering him on and when he's -- everybody loves him. >> reporter: danny suffered a brain hemorrhage after he was born. years of speech therapy are helping. and so did yesterday. when you came out of the hospital was the best day. but this was a really great day. >> yeah. >> we didn't want him to keep getting picked on. maybe if we all wore suits they would stop picking on him zbp tommy knew that was the right thing to do. 45 other kids stood by his side. >> it was very emotional. before he went to bed, he was crying. i said, what's the matter. he said he felt very loved. that's my wish for him every night. >> reporter: their little big man on campus should sleep well thanks
. not stand fore do us. they are not our leaders, they are not our elected officials. i don't even know who they are. three colleges and 28 high schools around the country have the sameheir mascots, group that protested the game in minnesota will be staging a demonstration here. gonzalez,live, john abc 7 news. a fan has serious injuries after falling down the stairs during the ravens game. this happened at about 2:00 yesterday afternoon at the m&t bank stadium. firefighters say the fan was a 48-year-old man who was taken to shock trauma with life- threatening injuries. to -- there new talks breakthrough came through after months of negotiations with the u.s.. will the new deal, iran allow inspections of key facilities for six months and u.s. andwill -- the allies will ease economic stations. the report for newton shooting is expected to revive history of the gunmen and police response to the shooting that killed women and children. she says she wants people to hear the full story. we will tell you about a major announcement from one of the cleveland kidnapping but evans. -- kidnapping victi
no idea how much you changed my life. i don't want to put it in her face how amazing my life is and how great i am doing because her son is not here anymore. and that stinks. >> it is crazy to think she can put her hand here and you can feel him, it's hem breathing. i am breathing with him. >> reporter: it wasn't just diana and lindsey who share an unbreakable bond. three other people as well. one, who received adrian's heart. another, his pancreas. a third, his liver. together, they make a new kind of family photo. >> one, two, three. >> well i look to hear look all the stories about him. not that i wasn't trying to live up to it before. now i feel like i have an even higher bar. >> reporter: some new goals too. >> i want to take a cooking class. that's what he was into. i am not a very good cook. i am hoping maybe he will help me out. maybe i will be better about it. >> reporter: there is a funny kind of bond i would think. adrian is part of you. >> he is definitely part of me. he is why i am here. i think about him every day. when i went snorkeling. i literally was snorkeling, going
and you don't really want to know. >> can you hear me now? >> reporter: the s.e.c. acknowledges that most passenger opposing phone calls and the chairman says, "i feel that way myself." on the white house website, 2,500 people have already signed a petition to stop the fcc. delta airlines polled its passengers, and two-thirds say no to phone calls. and flight attendants are ow wi a dozen people, can you hear me now, can you hear me now? and none of us want to experience that on an airplane. >> reporter: why such a negative reaction? researchers found when you're stuck in an elevator or plane and listening to a one-sided conversation, it steals your attention. making it difficult to get anything done. tonight, this is just a proposal. even if approved late next year, it will be up to the airlines to decide if you can make a cell call at 30,000 feet. david kerley, abc news, washington. >> david, thank you. >>> a reversal of fortune tonight for a lotly winner who hit a $1 million jackpot. the problem is, he was told he'd only one $1,000. abc's rob nelson reports tonight, it's happened before
by on the outer loop earlier on that live shot there and they were in the right lane, so we will see. we don't have any lane information quite yet, just a heads up there. beltway moving along quite nicely. estimated 19 minutes on 95. no problems on 395. we've got. >> live shot from our traffic tracker that shows current conditions along new york avenue near bw parkway. back to you. >> amanda, thank you very much. it is 5:12. a police officer in massachusetts sunday investigation this morning. he is accused of steeling more than thousands of dollars from the department, but the reason why he says that he did it, it is a little heart breaking. it is 5:1 >> while you were sleeping, reaction to that historic nuclear great iran. already we're hering from a major sum ally not happy about that -- u.s. allay not happy with the agreement. >> now the obama administration has to sell this to critics. they have a deal with iran to have a six-month period of time to stop nuclear functions and add inspections. the plan has critics. >> i would caution them from overselling this deal because it is not a ful
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talking playoffs because you don't talk playoffs and the skins this season, unfortunately. here is tim brant. >> the redskins say they've turned the page, although the discussion persists on talk radio. they're ready to finish this season strongly. it starts monday night against the 49ers. both times try to avoid the third straight lots. the quarterbacks, the darlings of the league last year are now facing criticism. the biggest since, san francisco is 6-and-4. >> we're 6-and-4 right now so right in the thick of things and they're a good football team. some argue they should have won the super bowl last year and fell short so they are a talented bunch and plays extremely hard. >> it is going to be monday night football here at fedex field. there is a look at sports. have a great day, everybody. >> jummy, that means you can enjoy your is unbecause they don't be playing -- your sunday because they won't be playing. >> a stress free sunday. >> we want to say we're wearing purple today because we are supporting the d.c. area for pancreatic cancer research, so hoping they can find a cure. a
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of bargains. i could use a few things. >> don't tempt her. what a group of people accused of stealing and how that was able to knock out power to thousands. keeping doctors say is them from saving the lives of thousands of hiv patients. >> your safety on the road or big brother out of control? you may be familiar with the fact that fire stations are safe havens for newborn babies. but they are >> get ready for more traffic cameras in the district, including stop sign cameras. to keep drivers safer or is it a way to make money? police say this is all about safety. but if you are thinking about the number of cameras in the city already, get ready. there will be 132 more of them. they are designed to do several blocks a, targeting box violators, stop sign runners, speeders, and those oversized commercial vehicles that are not supposed to travel residential streets. the goal is to improve traffic goal -- traffic flow. >> we have experienced reductions in traffic for tallies over the last 10 years. -- for tallies over the last 10 years. >> those cameras also generate money, but we are told violato
. to participatee in black friday? >> yeah. led tv for $229. >> but are they willing to freeze for it? >> i don't think so. i do not know yet. this is my first time. >> novice or not -- how much are you planning to spend? >> about $5,000. of $5,000, they are already pulling those bargains off the walls. see, respecting their employees is not stopping toys "r" us, best buy. they will open in about 59 minutes. , all whole bunch of others will be opening. say, thet is fair to holiday season is with us. >> stores a welcomed hundreds of earlybird shoppers. the doors at kmart have been opened since 6:00 a.m. ia, it's really interesting. the stores have been filled. look at this kmart here in hyattsville. lines of people all over this store, shopping, shopping, shopping. here at 6:00 a.m., the first round of sales at 6:00 a.m.. the next round of sales a little later on. this has been a way it is everywhere we have gone. 40%, 50%, 80% off. before the get deals even bigger sales tonight and tomorrow. >> [indiscernible] >> places like kmart, the shopping has been brisk all day, and the big selling -- the
don't want to hear year conversation. i've hear way too many problems, you're right. this isn't going to amount to much and our best chance was rain is going to come later on today, but this is the leading edge of cold air. all of that is going to be headed our way. in the meantime, we are mild this morning so let's enjoy this day. 47-degrees is our temperature. our wind chill, barely, if you can call it that, 45 degrees. winds are coming in from the south at 5 miles per hour to transport that warmer air in here. 43 in frederick, 42 in martinsburg. fredricksburg at 46 and 49 degrees and lexington park. the cold air has been bottled up in canada for a while now. notice it is plunging down to the south. it already arrived in the upper midwest. moving to the central plain states as we speak it will continue to advance the next couple days. we will see strong winds associated behind this front. ahead of the front are winds coming from the south. a mild day with the chance of a few showers. on and off today mostly this morning and this afternoon. there you can see the futurecast spitting o
this institution becomes obsolete. >> it i don't care what it looks like as long as it is delivering on those core values we talk about. >> sexual assaults in the military. a senate bill targets the chain of command. >> >> the retaliation was worse than the assault. it was sanctioned by the leaders i would have wrecked -- or >> risk my life for. >> with an eye toward 2014. >> coming together to stop obamacare is the essence of pragmatism. is a deal with r and possible? -- iran possible? >> and the kennedy assassination. yes, it has been 50 years. harry reid was mad as hell and he was not going to take it anymore. this week the senate majority , leader pushed a button on the nuclear option. he called for by a simpleajority vote. reid said republicans forced his hahand after what he called unprecedented use of the filibuster on three of president obama's nominees to the d.c. circuit court of appeals. the move short-circuits filibusters on most presidential nominees except for those from the u.s. supreme court. >> important and most dangerous >> the most important and most dangerous restructuring of
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